Under the Hood

Lagorta creates the right message for your targeted audience at the right time.

From data analytics and AI applications to real-time insights and multichannel marketing orchestration, Lagorta runs a number of essential functionalities to reinforce its capabilities and establish the ultimate personalization models.

User-centric AI

Ensure your customer satisfaction at a human-centric scale, using Lagorta’s smartest AI-driven algorithms and ML-powered calculations.

AI Decision Engine

Based on a mix of rule-based calculations and real-time recommendations, Lagorta helps marketers make better and more focused decisions to secure more customer leads and drive higher growth. A suite of machine learning systems uses the input from the users to automate the formulation and execution of the most relevant campaigns and marketing messages.

Data Processing

Across many channels, a huge amount of customer data is collected, stored, and converted into machine readable codes. Lagorta’s ability to handle and process this data at a quick pace assists in providing adequate data analytics and adopting omnichannel personalization.

Open APIs

Lagorta depends on extensive integration with several databases and third-party applications. Through activating Application Programming Interface (API) services and partnering with other data platforms, Lagorta reinforces the operational efficiency of multichannel marketing and enhances campaigns execution.

Cloud Native

Purpose-built for cloud environments, Lagorta packages its services in containers and deploys them as microservices through cloud computing technologies. This ensures taking quick and reliable actions, as well as conducting better marketing processes using the cloud.

Data Privacy and Security

Customer data are encrypted in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to ensure the highest levels of safety and protection. In line with these international security standards, explicit consent of personal data is highly guaranteed as none of customers’ information can be shared without permission.