Real-time Customer Insights

Access the most advanced tracking and measurement capabilities to make the right decisions and rule out the ineffective approaches based on your users’ preferences.

Real-time Aggregation (RTA) and Metric Calculations

RTA tools offer an up-to-the-minute view of your customer data, while metric calculations give you quantitative facts to optimize promotional efforts constantly.

Drill-down Capabilities

Lagorta breaks down general data into specific granular data across integrated and custom dashboards to help you develop an accurate understanding of your customers.

Customer Decision Journey Visualization

From the basic funnel to complex consumer decision journeys, use advanced visualization techniques to gain immediate insights on what’s working and what is not and how are your customers reacting at each touch point.

Campaign Measurement

Through various testing capabilities and statistical campaign measurement services, Lagorta compares the different alternatives and enables you to track the tails of your marketing messages.