Customer Lifecycle Management

Deliver an outstanding user experience, thanks to the detailed data analytics Lagorta conducts.

Dynamic CLM Model

Staying with the customers, step by step, Lagorta analyzes the entire customer experience over an extended period to apply the most effective marketing tactics.

Interactive Strategies

Aimed at making your user journey worthwhile, Lagorta deploys various interaction strategies ( human like call centers, 2-way like display s, etc.), to offer enhanced customer experiences (CX) which eventually increases the lifetime value.

Integration with Segmentation

With high-standard micro segmentation techniques, like RFM and cohort analysis with deeper visualizations, Lagorta gives instant recommendations on how to optimize your customer journey, based on – for example – look-alike audience profiles or individualized campaign execution..

Accurate Measurement

On real-time basis, Lagorta provides an accurate measurement of your campaigns’ performance throughout the lifecycle of each customer.