Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Establish an integrated marketing database for your business by building complete and unified customer profiles, with first-party data collection and activation features.

Unified User Profiles

Lagorta helps you visualize the processed data across detailed dashboards displaying 360-degree customer profiles to offer in-depth and unified information about the users and their preferences.

Cross-device Identification (XDID)

Following the multichannel data acquisition across various devices using XDID, Lagorta helps you synchronize these records altogether.

Auto Segmentation

Not only does Lagorta combine and analyze customers data gathered from multiple channels, it also continuously builds, and refreshes, detailed and accurate customer segments in real time.

Actionable Customer Insights

Lagorta delivers direct and meaningful insights about your customers’ personalities and behavior, which helps you make effective real-time decisions, to enrich and individualize your customers experiences.