Collaboration and Self-Service

Aberdeen Group found that collaborative intelligence can speed up decision-making by 46%.

Built for marketers

Depending on self-service business intelligence and containing a variety of user-friendly software interfaces, Lagorta users do not need to have a technical background or get back to IT specialists to get the required results.

Results-oriented collaboration

Collaborate with various teams across different departments to build, run, and optimize the most effective campaigns. With workflow and approval cycles, everything is centralized and is available for everyone to see.

Minimum time-to-value

Collaboration and real time communication and notification makes all involved stake holders and decision makers on the same page all the time. Timely decisions based on solid data results in the most efficient time-to-value.

Collaborative Analytics

Streamlined collaboration and workflow among different stakeholders brings insights-based creative solutions on the table. Leverage many features like approvals workflows, annotations and add comments right on the dashboards, integrated live chat, and many others.