AI-driven autonomous growth engine

Engage with your customers at the right moment, through the right channel, with the right content

The Continuous Growth Cycle

A unified solution to help organizations grow their businesses by optimizing their marketing spend, reducing churn, and increasing profitability. The AI driven marketing engine keeps customers continuously engaged at every touch point for a smarter journey. All this while maintaining the strictest privacy measures.


Your customer data; ingest and synchronize unified customer profiles across multiple marketing channels.

Measure & Optimize

Your customer journey; track your campaign workflow with real-time metrics and get instant and reliable recommendations to refine your customer journey.


Your customer interactions; transform complex data into actionable insights with advanced AI-driven techniques.


Tailored marketing campaigns; trigger your predictive analytics to convey curated messages and create personalized engagement.

Core Capabilities

Unlike other solutions, and with diverse critical capabilities, Lagorta offers the complete end-to-end package which streamlines the delivery of unique rich omni channel experiences.

Under the Hood

Lagorta creates the right message for your targeted audience at the right time. From data analytics and AI applications to
real-time insights and multichannel marketing orchestration, Lagorta runs a number of essential functionalities to reinforce
its capabilities and establish the ultimate personalization models.

User-centric AI
Data Processing
Cloud Native
AI Decision Engine
Open APIs
Data Privacy and Security

Monetize Your Data

Lagorta's B2B external data Monetization Platform is designed to enable enterprises, across various industries, to leverage their data to the advantage of their enterprise customers. The "Engagement as a Service" platform offers interactive contextual engagements through multiple channels and devices, while maintaining anonymously aggregated data